School Group Registration

Group Registrations Now Available!

Teachers! Come bring your class out to spend a day with us for a Forest School Field Trip!

We can accommodate up to 50 children at a time.

Our staff is available on Fridays (September-June) to host school groups for an exciting day of adventure and discovery at our Forest School location!

Alternatively, our instructors are available to deliver our nature immersion programming to your location (within the Pictou County area or within one hour of travel from our location).

Choose up to three activities for a half day at $475 CAD, or a full day at $750 CAD with the option to choose up to 5 activities.

It is advised that students and chaperones come dressed appropriately for the weather. Please refer to the FAQ portion of our website to find a list of what to bring. Notebooks and pencils are optional.

We have a variety of shelter options (a timber framed canvas tent, tarps, and a barn classroom) where we are able to get out of the elements and warm up or dry off on particularly cold and wet days. These are minimally used as our goal is to provide an entirely outdoor experience. There is an outhouse on site with a hand sanitizer. Unfortunately, our facilities are not currently wheelchair accessible, however this is something we are working towards.

Please feel free to reach out to our Program Director Maya Hoehne, with any questions you may have at or register HERE.

We look forward to learning and playing outside with you and your students!

School Group Activities to Choose From:

  • Games – Learn through activity and play, with exciting and dynamic forest school games!
  • Nature Hike – Go for a walk and learn about local flora and fauna through discovery and exploration.
  • Tracking Lesson – Become a detective by learning to identify different animal tracks and how to discern tracing patterns of animals in the wild.
  • Bannock on an open fire with basic fire principles – Learn fire building techniques and how to start a fire using flint and steel. Cook traditional bannock (flatbread) over an open fire on a stick.
  • Map and Compass Lesson – Review map reading, cardinal points, how to take a bearing.
  • Shelter building Lesson (with basic knots) – Learn how to tie a few useful knots and put your skills to the test by building a shelter with log lashing and tarp shelter techniques.
  • Check out our Lesson Plans page for more curriculum based options!