Here’s what parents, teachers and of course, the participants themselves have to say about Pictou County Forest School…

“PCFS is an incredible compliment to public education. If people are worried about taking time away from school, I believe the educational benefits far outweigh the curriculum time lost. There are many curriculum connections and additionally, the atmosphere fosters genuine curiosity and interest in learning and that motivational piece is worth its weight in gold!”


“My kids preferred forest school and looked forward to going. During normal school days they said they were able to focus more and felt stronger and more confident.”

(student) feels it has helped him be more focused and willing to do the work in traditional school!”

(student) has a tremendous amount of energy and forest school calms her down, she has better sleeps and is faster to do crafts and hands on learning. A couple of the more tricky kids at forest school that attend traditional school have stopped picking on her after they attended forest school together.”

I believe you are making learning fun- he enjoys it much more than regular school which he claims is boring.”

“I could hug you! I was chatting with (student’s mom) yesterday and she shared the same information with me, I won’t lie, it brought tears to my eyes. She said she felt like she got her child back. What you are doing is so so so essential for kids like (student) I am just sad that this cant be his forever school. I am so so thankful for you and what you are accomplishing with these kids that our systems simply cannot/do not support in the way you can.”

“My heart is happy, my eyes and cheeks are wet, I am grateful! This opportunity for (student) at this moment in his life, is powerful. Full of appreciation for you for making these opportunities happen for our kiddos! I am grateful for your kind approach and your ability to connect with kids that need you the most! Ya’ll made my day!”

”I don’t know what you are doing but this is the first time in 2 years that my son has been himself again since his father died.”

”This is the best thing I have heard about in Pictou County in a long time, maybe ever”

“Thank you to all of you who helped bring this to life. Your program needs to flood the Maritimes and our school system.”

“My daughter had a wonderful first day. She was so excited when she got home to share every detail. Thank you for creating such a wonderful space for kiddos.”

“Thank you so much for creating such an amazing experience. These kids will never forget the stories that were shared with them today.”

-Sophia Jones

“My son tells me, ‘I don’t need to catch up at school, because I’m learning twice as much than other kids at school.’ He loves it!”

-Ruby Mackenzie

“Your level of success is beyond a level I can even imagine. I feel so excited just seeing your forest school grow.”

-Shirley-Ann Dalton

“My kids never tell me anything about their day when they come home from their regular school. When I pick them up from Forest School they tell me every detail about their day and talk nonstop.”

“You guys are hitting it out of the park!  The boys don’t realize they’re at school when they are at Forest School, and yet learning so many valuable life lessons.”

 “I loved it, I wish I could have stayed there 10,000 hours.”


”Would totally recommend this program. My son is a kid who does not like the outdoors and he’s had a blast and has loved the activities, learning and people.”

“I can’t believe I am actually here.”


“Thank you for a wonderful day! My son had a blast and has not stopped talking about his experience.”

“I think you are doing an amazing job, we are so pleased to have this in Scotsburn. Excellent instructors.”